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Information Officer

Dr. Ram Krishna Shrestha
Senior Agriculture Extension Officer

Phone No.: 01-5523269
Cell: 9851212550
Email: rksathi05@gmail.com


Historical Background of Department of Agriculture  

  • Agriculture Office as an institutional effort was established in 1998 B.S.
  • Establishment of Department of Agriculture in 2008 B.S.
  • Restructuring of Department of Agriculture and establishment of five Departments in 2023 B.S.
    • Department of Agriculture Extension
    • Department of Fishery
    • Department of Horticulture
    • Department of Livestock Health
    • Department of Agricultural Education and Research
  • Lack of effective coordination among the departments again led to the creation of the Department of Agriculture in 2029 B.S.
  • The need and sensitivity of agricultural markets gave rise to the establishment of the Department of Agricultural Market Services in 2029 B.S.
  • In view of the program implementation the Department of Agriculture was divided to establish two Departments - Department of Agriculture and Department of Livestock Services in 2036 B.S.
  • Establishment of Department of Horticulture in 2045 B.S but soon in 2049 under one umbrella policy all Departments - Horticulture; Crop and Fishery; Food, Agriculture and Market Services; Livestock Health and Food Research Laboratory were brought into one department called the Department of Agricultural Development. Under this department one Director General and seven Directors were posted to look after the new Department.
  • In 2052 B.S under the new restructuring program three departments were come into being-Department of Agriculture, Department of Livestock Services, and Central Food Research Laboratory.
  • To enhance the effectiveness of services and supports to the Department of Agriculture, 11 Technical Divisions at the center were reorganized into nine Program Directorates in 2057 B.S.
  • Reorganization job was continued and in 2061 B.S; 12 Program Directorates and 14 National Programs were established under the Department of Agriculture.