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Information Officer

Dr. Ram Krishna Shrestha
Senior Agriculture Extension Officer

Phone No.: 01-5523269
Cell: 9851212550
Email: rksathi05@gmail.com


Broad Objectives    
In view of, the high population growth, limited land, growing poverty, environmental imbalance, involvement of private and non-government organizations, decentralization and competitiveness and economic liberalization in international arena, the broad objective of this department has been to support and help achieve food security and poverty alleviation by the transformation of agriculture through diversification and commercialization

Specific Objectives    

  • To increse agricultural production based on geographical diversity.
  • To support food security by increasing food production and maintained the internal supply of food stuffs.
  • To increase the production and productivity of raw material for the agro-industries.
  • To support the produces those have comprative advantages appropriate market management.
  • To increase the availability of off-farm employment by supporting small industries and enterprises.
  • To support export promotion and import substitution of agriculture.
  • To support export poverty alleviation by increasing the opportunity employment for small, marginal and women farmers.
  • To screen and standardize the technologies by doing adoptive rese.