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Information Officer

Dr. Ram Krishna Shrestha
Senior Agriculture Extension Officer

Phone No.: 01-5523269
Cell: 9851212550
Email: rksathi05@gmail.com


Name of Programs Directorate Offices    

  • Directorate of Agiculture Training Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur,Nepal catc@wlink.com.np http://www.dat.gov.np/
  • Directorate of Agricultural Extension , Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur,Nepal doanisp@ntc.net.np http://www.agriextension.gov.np
  • Directorate of Fruit Development Kirtipur, Kathmandu,Nepal dofd@mail.com.np
  • Directorate of.Fisheries Development,Balaju,Kathmandu ,Nepal dofd@mail.com.np
  • Directorate of Post Harvest Management ShreeMahal, Pulchok, Lalitpur , Nepal postharvest@wlink.com.np ,http://www.phmd.gov.np/
  • Directorate of.Agricultal Engineering Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur,Nepal doae@ntc.net.np
  • Directorate of Industrial Entomology Development , Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur,Nepal
  • Directorate. of Soil Management , Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur,Nepal
  • Directorate of Agri Business Promotion and marketing Development Harihar bhawan, Lalitpur,Nepal abpmdd@vianet.com.np/abpmdd@yahoo.com
  • Directorate of Plant Protection, Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur,Nepal director@ppdnepal.gov.np
  • Directorate. of Crop Development , Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur,Nepal cropdev@vianet.com.np
  • Directorate of Vegetable Development Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal vdd@wlink.com.np

Name of National Programs Offices    

  • National Industrial Crop Development Program,Harihar Bhawan
  • National citrus Development program ,Kirtipur, Kathmandu,Nepal
  • National spices crop Development Program,Khulmaltar
  • National Potato Crop Development Program, Khulmaltar
  • National Plant Quarantine Program,Harihar Bhawan
  • National Natural Water and Inland Fisheries Development Program, Balaju
  • National Agri-Business Promotion Program, Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur
  • Agri-Commodity Export Promotion Program, Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur
  • Research and Statistics Management Program , Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur
  • Pectiside Management and and Registration Division , Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur
  • Sericultue Development Division, Khopasi, Kavre
  • Bee Keeping Development division , Godawari, Lalitpur
  • Tea and coffee Development Division, Kirtipur Kathmandu